Medical Qualification
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The Indiana RTAP program on behalf of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) will be
implementing and overseeing a new model Medical Qualification program to address the use of Prescription
and Over-the-Counter (Rx/OTC) medications and an individual’s fitness to perform safety-sensitive functions in
the transit industry. As part of this program, a Request for Proposal (RFP) sponsored by the Indiana Council on
Specialized Transportation (INCOST) was introduced to solicit vendors to conduct medical examinations and
other related services.
The vendor selected through this process is IU Health out of Bloomington, IN.
Additional information on IU Health and the program implementation will be sent to each 5311

Indiana's 5311 transit systems must download all program policies, forms and guidelines and begin the process
of implementing these policies. Governing Board approval is required for policy implementation. Employee
training on the new program explaining the policies and employee requirements will need to occur immediately.  
This initial program training may be conducted by the agency program administrator. Questions may be
directed to Vicky Warner, RTAP Manager at 800-709-9981.  
  1. Sample Vendor Contract (NEW 12/16)
  2. RX/OTC Policy (NEW 5/25)
  3. Medical Qualification Policy (NEW 12/16)
  4. Medical Qualification Program Intro (NEW 12/16)
  5. Post Accident Procedures
  6. Post Accident Investigation Form
  7. Medication Information Form (NEW 1/2013)
  8. Medical Qualification Referral Summary
  9. Reasonable Suspicion Form (New 11/14)
  10. Medical Determination Appeals Process (NEW 12/16)
  11. Conditional Offer of Employment
  12. Offer of Employment   
  13. Draft Contract  

Job Descriptions:
  1. Driver Over 15 Passenger
  2. Driver Under 15 Passenger Dispatcher
  3. Dispatcher
  4. Mechanic
  5. Other Program Forms