The staff of the Indiana RTAP program consist of three professionals with a combined
total of over 30 years of experience. Ms. Warner currently has eighteen years
experience in the transit industry and is a Certified Community Transit Manager with
CTAA, a certified Passenger Assistance Techniques Instructor and a certified
Defensive Driving Instructor. She is responsible for the administration and daily
operations of the Columbus, Indiana office and the Indiana Rural Transportation
Assistance Program (RTAP). Ms. Warner’s expertise is in the safety and security areas
of transportation. She coordinates all substance abuse management oversight activities
for Indiana’s 5311 properties and assures compliance with program regulations and
provides technical assistance as needed.

Mrs. Lawson joined the RLS & Associates team with experience in customer service,
driver operations, dispatching and is a certified Passenger Service and Safety (PASS)
instructor with CTAA and a certified Defensive Driving Instructor. Mrs. Lawson is
responsible for oversight of the 5311 Safety and Security Program, the Statewide
Coordination plan and other projects as needed.

You may contact the RTAP staff by phone at 1-800-709-9981 or to e-mail the RTAP
staff click on one of the names below:

RTAP Manager:
Vicky Warner
Assistant Coordinator: Megan Lawson
Assistant Coordinator:
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Indiana RTAP Program 2615 Eastwood Dr. Columbus, IN 47203
Toll Free: 800-709-9981 Toll Call: 812-314-2946
Fax: 812-314-2924