All recipients of 5307, 5309 and 5311 Federal Transit Administration funds must comply with
drug and alcohol testing requirments for safety sensitive employees as mandated in the
Code of Federal Regulation Part 40 and Part 655. As these rules continue to develop it is
necessary for grant recipients to keep current on changes in order to ensure compliance. In
an effort to assist transit systems in keeping current several resources and links have been
provided below. If there are any additional resources or information that should be added
please contact Vicky Warner at  1-800-709-9981.

The Federal Transit Administration's Office of Safety and Security  Web Site  contains
multiple resources that you may request or download directly from their web site. Here is a
list of items available from their web site:  

To reach the Office of Safety & Security Website please go to
To reach the Office of Policy and Compliance website please go to
Substance Abuse
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