Information and technical assistance is available in a number of areas. Driver training, grants
management, federal and state regulations, funding, vehicle maintenance, and risk
management are just a few of the subjects on which we have resources available to you. We
have a vast and varied library housed at the RTAP Program offices. Books, videos, pamphlets
and training modules are available for loan to eligible transit providers. You may request
information or materials using the form below.

RTAP Training Scholarship
The Indiana RTAP program has a limited amount of funds set aside to provide financial
assistance to any eligible applicant wishing to send staff to attend training programs,
professional development seminar, or educational conference. This program is intended to
aid in offsetting  some of the costs associated with attending these training programs. If there
is a conference or training that you are interested in attending and would like to apply for
scholarship funds please complete the
RTAP scholarship application and submit to the RTAP
offices via e-mail to
Vicky Warner, or Megan Lawson or you can mail your application to 2615
Eastwood Dr., Columbus, IN 47203.

*Please note: Applications for CTAA Expo 2015 in Tampa, FL must be submitted by March 31, 2015 to be
considered for funding.
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Technical Assistance
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Fax: 812-314-2924
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